It's taken ages...

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It's taken ages...

Post by Alan » Mon Aug 16, 2021 8:59 pm

There's an update on here you won't have really noticed.
All the threads of all the dates have the three links in them by default, the link to the site date layout, the "Yesterday <<" and the ">>Tomorrow" links.
They all had the link beginning with "http://" in them.
When Graeme set the template of the site up it didn't mean too much at the time, but since then Google changed their Chrome browser to show such sites with URL's beginning "http://" to be unsecure by default. It's not a nice thing to see in the browser address bar.
One side effect as well was the site is "https://" by default and if you click on any of the links whilst logged on it will log you out if you go from a "https://" url to an "http://" url.
I tried various automated scripts to change them all in one click, but none of them worked.
Some of the threads had been changed when I'd had reason to edit them anyway, but over 6000 hadn't.
One by one each date was checked and if required had all three links changed to have the "s" added to the http
It's taken months and done in any spare time, either on my laptop or on my phone, approx 20,000 changes in total.
So now I hope I can focus on content more.
Last March 2020 I had planned to launch the site publically whilst in the Canary Islands but due to Covid the holiday was cancelled.
I chose the location as it was close to Memphis Tennessee on the line of latitude. (Well, Gibralter or Morroco were closer but personal preference etc)
The next main update to the site will be worked on soon as I thought I'd get some time to do it if I finally managhed to get to go there. ;) - Build it and they will come...

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