One year ago to the day, almost to the hour..

It's stuff about our main man
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One year ago to the day, almost to the hour..

Post by Alan » Wed Mar 24, 2021 9:28 pm

Yes, it was a year ago at 9pm UK time on March 24th, as near as could be calculated, that Elvis had been dead for as long as he was alive and this board was publically opened.

I often find myself looking at the mountain of a list of to-do's that I'm still slowly working on and I take my eye off that which has already been achieved.
To everyone who adds to this site a very big "THANK YOU!" without your input it wouldn't have grown the way it has.
Sometimes I just get lost in the site, you open a day up and off I go lol. It's great.
The members only Elvis Film Forum section is to die for, I'm very proud of the contributions that have built that to the section that it is.

I'm aware I'm not very "visible" but I am beavering away nearly all the time on here. It's taken me a few weeks to write over 6000 lines of code to just present a very small feature. In any of the vinyl records now there's the chart history where applicable in the opening post for that release with the chart run laid out on one line, the longer the run the smaller the font, but you can hover and enlarge it and also click on any weekly date to jump straight to that date in the library. I only finished it about half an hour ago hence it's fresh on my mind to mention. I'm sure it's not bug free yet, but hang on in there and it soon will be.
I'm also slowly going through the shellac and vinyl records trying to nail down the various differing labels and pressing and re-pressing runs photographing some of them and getting them on here (Broke a 78rpm the other week doing so :( )

My favourite part of this site is seeing that some photos have been posted.
I'm like a kid at xmas as I'm so surprised at how many are unseen by me and I can't wait to click the links to see them.
It takes a lot to get me excited at my old age. :D

Thanks again, you're all terrific and I appreciate the time you take to build this site to what it is.

Al. - Build it and they will come...

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