Your internet diet - are you getting enough fibre?

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Your internet diet - are you getting enough fibre?

Post by Alan » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:54 am

So, I've been on broadband now for about 18 years.

i've now decided to move up to fibre.
Two types - fast and very fast.
I've gone for the fast version to start with. It's not the download speed I'm after - it's the upload speed I need.
I'm trying to finish the movie section and waiting 13 hours to upload a film and then it often times out and off I start again, so should be able to do it in about 1 hour 20 mins soon.
Also want to upload the corrected ratio versions as well, so hopefully in about a week, but they say wait another 10 days after that before its up and running at its fastest.

So what are the rest of you on and how do you find things?

Also, for the future, the planned giga bit per second speed - do we need it and if so why? - Build it and they will come...

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