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Elvis - The Concert database and search facility 1954 - 1961

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 5:58 pm
by Graeme
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The songs stored in the database are only those where we have audio verification on a release.
Other forms of verification will be considered and entered soon.

You can search using up to 3 different song titles combining it with AND / OR

The menu options for the second and third song appear after the preceeding one has been selected, so choose a song from the first menu and then the second menu appears, select a song from that and then the third menu appears.

For example a search of 1 song title, Heartbreak Hotel, returns 7 concert results
A search for Heartbreak Hotel OR Love Me Tender returns 8 concert results.
But search for Heartbreak Hotel AND Love Me Tender and it returns 2 concert results.

If you do a search using three titles the search program is designed to sort any "AND" out first before applying the "OR" parameter.
So if you searched for Heartbreak Hotel OR Love Me Tender AND Hound Dog it would sort it out thus:
Heartbreak Hotel OR (Love Me Tender AND Hound Dog)
So any shows that have Heartbreak Hotel along with any shows where both Love Me Tender AND Hound Dog were sung would be returned in the search results.